2 and a half years later


For the last few weeks I’ve been getting pains in my groin and back ache. I wasn’t due a blood test or check up until July 4th. I have had my bloods check and the oncologist suspects the cancer has returned. This has been confirmed with my bloods doubling to 46..

Gutted is the work i can describe to how I’m feeling, but I’m remaining positive. Everybody tells me I’ve fought it once i can fight it again.

I reached 30 months with re-ocurrance. Thats a great run…. its very positive as the longer you are without re-occurance the better chances you have of the Chemo working again.

Another positive note to add is that after an Ovarian Cancer patient has had their 2nd chemo they are able to take a new drug called “olaparib” This is like a maintenance drug to help keep the cancer from returning.

Im having a CT scan, MRI and more bloods next week. This will inform my oncologist whether i require surgery to remove the cancer or whether i go straight in to chemo. I’m dreading the chemo as its quite harsh and for some reason i don’t tolerate it that well. Some women don’t get many side effects. I think i get them all…

On a positive note they have said that they will spread the chemo over a long amount of time and i would get it once every month for 6 months. This should give me more time to recover between each chemo.

Ill write another blog in May when i know more.

Kate x



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